The Red Crow

Med-Heavy RP Guild on Faeblight of Rift, focusing in on underground politics and blackmarket dealings.
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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Guild Rules Icon_minitimeSat Mar 05, 2011 11:56 pm

I understand that it is hard to punish those in an RP guild so here is what I plan on doing: you will be given three strikes, when I get a complaint I will review it and write down the details of the offense if I feel it's involation of the rules, when you reach 3 strikes I will review the offenses with the guild officers and if we deem it nesicary you will be kicked from the guild.

OOC Rules:

1. If someone tells you to stop, you stop.
i.e. if you are using a word that someone finds offensive and they ask you to not use that word, please respect their wish and not use the word

2. No Hate.
I do not want anyone to feel unwanted so please limit your use of racist, sexist or homophobic remarks.

3. Do not demand for special attention/treatment.
This does not mean that our members wont help you in a quest or dungeon if you ask nicely.

4. Keep your ERP private.
I do not mind if you ERP, just do it privately and above all do not flaunt it over the ooc channels. We do not need to know details. A little IC flaunting is okay, i.e. hugs, kissings, fliriting all okay just not in excess.

5. Be active, participate!
We understand that play times often conflict. If there is something you really wish to do as an event throw it into suggestions with your avaliablity. If you are inactive after a month, without warning, you shall be removed from the guild.

6. Alts are treated as seperate characters.

7. Be polite not only to our members but to the members of other guilds and the general population of Rift.

IC Rules:

1. Keep IC and OOC seperate.
I understand sometimes this can be hard, so if someone is offending you ICly talk to them OOCly about it before you take it as a personal offense.

2. Complete sentences and proper grammer please.
It is okay if your grammer is not great or your spelling lacking, but be mindful we are a med-heavy RP guild so complete sentences are a must, we do not require a novel though.

3. No godmoding.

4. Try not to be too much of a snowflake.
We do not wish to limit your creativity but if it gets out of hand you will be approached about it.

((If I have missed anything please feel free to add a suggestion for rules in the suggestion forum))
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Guild Rules
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